Friday, October 22, 2010


Since coming to Canada in 2003 I was trying to find foods that reminded me of home. It took me 2 years to find good apple juice (Tropicana), 4 years to find real Hummus ("Sabra" at Loblaws, Kosher section), and now after 8 years of continuous search I found my bread!!! This should not be taken lightly! Bread is such an important food, I wasn't able to find delicious bread for 8 years, I tried so many kinds and nothing tasted like home. I finally found it and it's perfect. Not too mushy, not too sticky, not too dry, and not too crispy. Some breads are so crusty I feel like they should warn you on the package about the dangers of eating it.

Before I tell you anymore about this wonderful bread I discovered, I suggest you turn on your favorite drum-roll.

It is a Belgian Bread made by Irresistibles. It is sold at Metro, I haven't seen it anywhere else so far. There! So now you can save yourself 8 years of searching. Bread, I always knew you were out there. <3

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